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Other Magics was an collaborative immersive performance developed over three short weeks at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Yerevan, Armenia. The piece engaged visiting and local Yerevan artists in an exploration of the artist's role as shaman and magic-maker. Audience members were guided by their own curiosities through performances and installations which reflect the cycles of death and regeneration. Inspired by the characters of Armenian myth and folklore, the Institute of Contemporary Art was transformed into a makeshift dreamworld, with artworks that explore the powers of comedy and tragedy, sound and silence, movement and stillness.

Other Magics included artworks and performances by Aram Atamian, Hasmik Badoyan, Vahe Matteos Hakhverdian, Marut Marutyan, Rebecca Sylvia Posner, and MIHR Theatre company [Tsolak Mlke-Galstyan, Shoghakat Mlke-Galstyan, Petros Ghazanchyan, Lusine Mlke-Galstyan, Astghik Mamikonyan, & Eliza Baghdiyan]

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The Passageway
Hasmik Baduyan
The Yard
   Vahe Hakhverdian/ Mihr Dance Theatre
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